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National Youth Substance Prevention Month!!!

Wow, wow, wow! Incredible things are going on in the fight against substance abuse and in support of mental wellness here in our country. On September 30th of this year, 2022, our president Joseph R. Biden JR. signed a national proclamation which has declared every October National Youth Substance Prevention Month. Not only does this bring mass awareness to the issue many americans are facing today, it will also increase education around drug use at an age appropriate level and is expected to impact both current and future generations to come. When our youth receives adequate education about substance dependency, not only are they less likely to use/abuse substances- they're also less likely to have kids that will struggle with substance abuse one day. This is a major preventive measure that is expected to impact the U.S. for decades to come.

Do you want to know what else this means? It means our voices are being heard, the government can no longer turn a blind eye to the reality of how addiction is currently impacting American citizens. It means that everyone that has and/or is taking a stand in this fight, is cumulatively making a difference. Keep advocating! Keep sharing your stories! and the stories of your loved ones! Don't allow your voice to be silenced, continue to act with courage and bravery, because it is working. Together we can create a world where we will no longer have to worry about our children being exposed to substance peer pressure, a world where our children are able to make educated and healthy decisions. Together we can create a world where we no longer have to bury our children, our sisters/brothers, our mothers/fathers, our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandchildren years before their time. It is no small feat- but together we can create a world where we no longer have to bury our families or our friends due to the disease of addiction.

If you'd like to read the White House's Proclamation please click "Read more!" to be redirected to the White House Government website where the entire Proclamation can be viewed. Please note we are in no way affiliated with The White House or any other government entity, and we are not endorsed by The White House or any other government entity.


“A proclamation on National Youth Substance Prevention Month, 2022.” The White House, September 30, 2022,


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