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Monthly Monetary Donations Made Easy!

Pick a plan that works best for you!

  • New!

    The Ripple Effect

    Every month
    Even the tiniest drop of kindness can have lasting effects.
    • 100% of proceeds go towards fighting the Opioid Crisis.
    • Provide meals to our neighbors facing food insecurities
    • Purchases items for "H.O.P.E. kits"
  • Making Waves!

    Every month
    Perfect for those interested in getting more involved!
    • 100% of proceeds go to address the Opioid Crisis in the US.
    • Creates Overdose Education project materials/pamphlets
    • Connecting individuals with treatment options/facilities
    • Distribution of meals, other overhead fees/travel expenses
    • Knowing that you may just change someone's entire life
  • Changing lives.

    Every month
    Going all in
    • Helping us to create custom merch. for fundraising!
    • Helping us to expand our resources to support more people
    • Educating the general public about overdose prevention
    • Supporting those with mental illness
    • Supporting those with substance use disorders
    • Helping to fund our homemade meals program
    • Promote hope and healing that is family wide!
    • Contribute to 501(c)3 application fee's
    • Supplies for "H.O.P.E. kits" Overdose prevention kits
    • Contribute to online platform monthly host fee's
    • Supplies for printing/shipping/etc. infographics/handouts
    • Help us begin exppanding!

Please note this is a reoccuring donation in subscription format. It auto renews to make giving easier than ever before. Please note that if you wish to end or suspend your donation you must cancel your subscription online. Cancelations that are within 72 hours of the billing date may still pull, if this is the case please email with your full name, email address attached to the account, and we will be sure to issue a full refund which can take up to 5 days to post depending on your payment method and financial institution.

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